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Family: Hipposideridae
Genus: Hipposideros
Species: Hipposideros cervinus
Taxonomic remarks:
Identified by: Melissa Donnelly

ID evidences:
      morphology: YES
      picture: YES

Gender: Male
Age: Adult

Individual #: NoB18
Voucher #:
Accession #:
GBIF_UID: SEABCRU-occur-0007721
Genetic #:

Date: 2018.06.20
Time: 17:00:00
Latitude: -4.58915
Longitude: 123.16303
Location accuracy:
Altitude: 44
Locality: Anoa Camp, Buton Utara Nature Reserve
Settlement: Lanosangia, North Kulisusu, North Buton Regency
Territory: South East Sulawesi
Country: Indonesia

Habitat: Secondary Tropical Lowland Forest near Farmland

Method: Hand held
Call type:
Recording quality: 4

Device manufacturer: Wildlife Acoustics
Device model: Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro for Android
Recording_type: Real time
FD factor:

Recordist_name: Melissa Donnelly, Stephanie K Courtney Jones
Contact: Melissa Donnelly
Contact e-mail:

Citation: Donnelly, M., Martin, T.E., Cropper, O., Yusti, E., Arfian, A., Smethurst, R., Fox, C., Hafirun, M.P., Phangurha, J., van der Aar, R.N., Hutchison, A., Karya, A., Samsudin, K.A., Jones, S.K.C. 2021. New species records from Buton Island, South East Sulawesi, including regional range extensions. Journal of Bat Research and Conservation, 14(1): 14-32. DOI: 10.14709/BarbJ.14.1.2021.03

Access_type: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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